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Best Hydroponic Ballast

Sometimes when you find that your light fixtures have troubles, maybe it is the problem of your Ballast. To help you solve the problem, we design this hydroponic ballast for you.


A ballast is an auxiliary piece of equipment designed to start and to properly control the flow of power to gas discharge light sources such as fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps.


In metal halide systems, it is composed of the transformer, capacitor and connecting wiring; sodium systems require an ignitor in addition to the transformer and capacitor.


A couple things to pay attention to when choosing a ballast include;


Determine if you are going to use a digital/electronic ballast or a magnetic ballast.
1. Digital/electronic ballasts give you higher lumen output, and higher output plus lower energy use equals more efficient growing.
2. Digital/electronic ballasts operate both HPS and MH and are completely silent. Magnetic ballasts come in switchable and non-switchable.
3. At Hydroponics Unlimited we sell switchable ballasts that can run both HPS and MH unless you specify otherwise while checking out.