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Hydroponics ballast in Home & Garden

Creating an indoor garden is getting a light source. Just as our ecosystem revolves around our sun, so too does your indoor garden. Whether you are using a bright window sill, a small fluorescent light or a powerful High Intensity Discharge grow light, this is the most important consideration for your home garden project.


1) Ballast
Choose the right ballasts for your hydroponics lighting systems and get the brightest lighting to grow your hydroponics garden. With brighter lighting by using the proper ballasts, you always be assured that your hydroponics plants are receiving their required light to grow and flouish and provide you with the healthiest and most prosperous plants possible. 


2) High Intensity Discharge Lights (MH or HPS)


This type of lighting is easily the most popular for seasoned indoor gardeners. Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights have been used by commercial growers and hobby indoor gardeners for the last three decades for a reason. The high intensity of light produced by these lights makes them the closest artificial light to natural sunlight.


The two types of HID’s (HPS and MH) produce different colors of light. MH produces a blue light best suited to leafy type plants such as lettuce or other vegetative plants like young peppers etc. HPS produces an orange light best suited to flowering plants like fruit trees, ornamental flowers, or flowering tomatoes and peppers.

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